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01st Sep 2021

Man attempts to ‘relieve constipation’ by putting an eel up his bum

Danny Jones

Man puts eel up his bum - Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program @ Flickr

Just get some Senokot down you mate, no need to get weird with it

In an extremely bizarre story, some bloke was apparently suffering from constipation so badly that he thought the best course of action would be to shove an eel up his bum.

That’s right, this fella shoved a living creature up his backside in the hopes it would relieve his pain and, surprise, surprise: it almost killed him.

According to reports, the incident took place last month in Xinghua, East China; the man in question, who has not been named, attempted to deploy an old ‘folk remedy’ that claims eels will help with bowel movement.

Things took a turn for the worse when the eel moved from his rectum to his colon and ended up chewing through it, ultimately accessing the abdomen.

The man went straight to the hospital with his issue, as he was “too shy” to visit the doctor.

Surgeons had to remove the still-alive eel but informed the man he could have died from hemolysis, which is the destruction of red blood cells after they are compromised by bacteria.

In case it needed stating whatsoever: there is no scientific evidence to back up claims that eels help with bowel movements. So, if you’re constipated, eat plenty of fiber and if that doesn’t help use laxatives.

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