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22nd Nov 2015

Height plays a significant factor in the amount of sexual partners a man has

Alan Loughnane

We’ve all hear the old phrase, size matters, and it seems it’s kind of true…

Apparently, taller guys have more sexual partners on average than their shorter friends, with shorter than average men tending to have one to three fewer sexual partners than taller men.

A study of 60,000 people carried out by Chapman University showed that men considered to be below average height of between 5’8″ and 5’10” had less sexual partners than those above average height.

Apparently this trend links back to the caveman era when height meant good health, and women were more likely to pick a tall partner who could protect her and their children.

Don’t feel too heartbroken if you’re not 6’2″ fellas, there’s no need to be breaking out those stacked heels or resorting to desperate measures just yet…


The author of the study David Frederick, Ph.D. spoke to Men’s Health and informed all the men of the world that luckily, “Men and women both report that their top quality in a long-term partner is someone who is genuinely kind and understanding.”

So if you’re looking for a keeper, height doesn’t come into the equation. Unless you’re a d*ck to begin with, then it might play a role…

The Simpsons – Tall Man in Car from Lucas Smitch on Vimeo.