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12th May 2022

Guys in search of ‘quiet pint’ end up on 4am flight to Ibiza

Danny Jones

Mates having 'quiet pints' end up on 4am flight to Ibiza

As you do…

We’ve all been there: ‘I’ll only have one or two, just fancy a quiet one tonight’ – and before you know your mate’s getting the next round in and you’re out on the tiles all night.

However, we hazard to guess that most of your stories don’t end with you boarding a spur-of-the-moment 4am flight to Ibiza.

Well, these two lads from Merthyr in Wales did exactly that after what they thought was going to be casual trip to the pub, WalesOnline reports.

Dan Evans and Alex Stubbs were only planning on having a “quiet pint” when someone in the party suggested hopping on a last-minute flight to Magaluf or Majorca and before they knew it, they were getting into a taxi to Cardiff Airport.

Not long after making a quick stop to grab their passports and phone chargers, they headed straight to the airport. However, upon arriving at the terminal, Magaluf had been dropped as the plan and the only flight to Majorca was full.

Most people at this point would have probably either sobered up or simply given up – but not these lads. Instead, the pair decided to spend even more money and hop on a 4am flight to Ibiza. Truly admirable levels of commitment to the sesh.

Speaking to WalesOnline, Evans said the pair only bought a one-way ticket and hadn’t even booked a hotel room; they simply resolved to buy a pair of shirts and head straight to the Ocean Beach Club and “partied the whole weekend”.

The two mates had a bit more trouble getting back as the only return flight they could find on Sunday was to London Stanstead – but they managed to get one sorted in time to be back at work on Monday.

Dan went on to admit, “It was a bit of a shock to the system, but it was all worth it. We have no regrets and will probably do it again. But it might be a few years before we can do it again.”

Vibes first, plans later.

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