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01st Apr 2024

Everyone is asking the same question after conjoined twin Abby Hensel got married


Everyone is asking the same question after conjoined twin Abby Hensel got married

They married in 2021

Many people have been asking the same question after it emerged that conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel were married.

Last week, it was revealed that Hansel had married back in 2021.

Documents obtained by Today, stated that she married army veteran and nurse Josh Bowling, and the pair live in Minnesota.

Abby and her sister Brittany first rose to fame after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey show back in 1996.

They later went on to have their own show, called Abby and Brittany, which chronicled their travels around Europe.

The sisters are dicephalus conjoined twins, which means they share a bloodstream and have the same organs from below the waist. Abby has control of the right side of the body, and Brittany the left.

After the news of their marriage to Bowling emerged, many people asked the same question, mainly how everything plays out legally, IGV reports.

Writing on Reddit, one person asked: “How does this unfold legally? Since they are two people married to one man, who is on the marriage certificate?”

Another person said: “Not gonna lie, for some reason, I was expecting there to be two guys.”

“Having only one guy makes it more confusing. What if they fight? What if one husband/wife set wants to divorce and the other doesn’t?”

Shedding some light on the situation to those with queries, someone else explained: “One of the twins will be the legal spouse as far as the state is concerned. So it is theoretically possible that the other twin could someday decide to marry a different person.

“But given the way they have had to harmonize their entire lives, I imagine they would find it easier to stick to being married to just one person.”

Born back in 1990, the duo’s parents decided against separation surgery after doctors said there was little chance they would both survive.

In a 2003 documentary, the Hensels opened up about their plans for their future, and that they want to have children.

“That is probably something that could work because those organs do work for them,” their mum Patty said.

“Yeah, we’re going to be mums,” Brittany added. “We haven’t thought about how being moms is going to work yet. But we’re just 16 — we don’t need to think about that right now.”

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