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09th Dec 2022

Conjoined twin electricians spark outcry after revealing they are paid single salary

Steve Hopkins

‘One salary wage for two people? That’s making me angry’

Conjoined twins who were deserted by their parents after just two months have revealed that they are only paid one salary between them.

Sohna and Mohna Singh, 19, from Punjab, India, featured in a YouTube interview with documentary filmmaker Ruhi Çenet last month in which they revealed they earn just £200 a month.

The siblings appear to have changed their story from previously interviews when they said they were paid two separate salaries.

The twins have been employed as electricians by the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited since last December, where they work 12-hour shifts in the supply control room.

In an interview with the Independent in 2021, the twins said: “We are thankful to the Punjab government for recognising our talent.”

However, viewers have expressed anger at finding out that the siblings share a wage.

One person commented: “If they have separate identities they should get two different checks,” MailOnline noted.

Another wrote: “One salary wage for two people? That’s making me angry.”

Viewers also praised the likeable personalities of the twins who are “not looking for self pity, just getting on with life”.

The twins said in the interview that they want to get married to the same person after they have passed the age of 25.

One person wrote: “They are beautiful and their attitudes are so great.

“God created them and they are grateful. We can learn so much from these brothers. They made me smile. I pray God gives them the desires of their heart. Some girl will be very blessed to spend their lives together.”

Another person wrote: “They completed electrical engineering and do job to earn a living even in this condition. We see normal people complaining and blaming their situation. You both are truly a inspiration for all of us.”

The siblings, who were born in June 2003 at Sucheta Kriplani Hospital in New Delhi and abandoned by their parents at two months old, have two hearts, kidneys and spinal cords, as well as two pairs of arms, but share a liver, gallbladder, legs and spleen.

Doctors decided against separating the twins, as it could have had fatal consequences for one of them, leading to vascular and neurological loss in the lower limbs of the surviving twin.

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