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17th Jul 2022

Aussie living in London delivers helpful advice on how Brits can beat the heat

Danny Jones

Thread on how to beat the heat

A very useful thread

An Australian woman living in London has put together an extremely helpful thread on how to beat the heat as Brits brace for the impending heatwave.

News of the level four red warning broke on Friday, with temperatures potentially reaching 40C or more across parts of the UK next week.

The government’s emergency response statement for “extreme heat” warning is the first ever in the UK and some experts are even predicting that thousands of people and animals could potentially die as the country’s infrastructure is largely unprepared for this level of heat.

With that being said, Aussie researcher Ellie Mackin Roberts has put together an extensive heatwave Twitter thread that has since gone viral with thousands sharing the crucial advice ahead of the heat hitting on Monday.

As you can see, the thread starts off with some typical advice most of you would have already thought of and been using in the recent warm weeks, but as it continues she reveals a whole host of ideas on how to beat the heat that we suspect you may not have come across before.

Tip number four should go without saying: “HYDRATE”.

This one is a variation we’ve never come across before:

She also urges people not to mess about when it comes to heatstroke – if you think you have it, act quickly and don’t rule out seeking medical attention.

Apparently, one effective tactic is to put icepacks under your pits.

It sounds counter-intuitive but she also suggests wearing long sleeves when going outside.

And lastly, one more time for those at the back: “HYDRATE”.

She also goes on to advise against too much caffeine or booze – something Brits have already been warned to avoid ahead of the heatwave, with Londoners, specifically, also urged not to travel unless necessary. The tube is hot enough as it is.

We thank you for your service, Ellie.

If you want to know more about what exactly a level four extreme heat warning actually means, you can read our useful explainer here:

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