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05th Jan 2022

Streamer apologises after clip of him shoving dog into fridge sparks backlash

Danny Jones

Streamer shoving his dog into a fridge

He admitted that while he checked on the dog at the time it was ‘unacceptable behavior’

Twitch streamer GsxrClyde has apologised after a clip of him shoving his dog into a fridge began circulating on social media.

Clyde, who has been streaming the likes of Destiny and Rise of Kingdoms for more than six years, took to his Twitch channel to issue an apology to “anyone affected by the clip”, giving a lengthy seven-minute explanation as to the context.

The footage itself isn’t actually that recent, as it was taken from a highlight reel of streaming moments from 2021 (now flagged as inappropriate on YouTube); nevertheless, animal lovers still winced at this strange moment of lashing out.

As you can see, while Clyde is adjusting his camera harness before resuming a session on Destiny 2, his dog Thor is curiously sniffing over his shoulder before being launched into the mini-fridge behind him.

He then goes on to scold the poor pup, shouting “You’re pissing me off, Jesus Christ, stupid f***”.

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about the entire thing is that this ‘highlight’ comes less than a minute into his 10-minute compilation of a handful of clips. Hardly one for the shop window, mate.

You can watch his full apology below, in which he insists that he checked on the dog immediately but took umbrage with the fact that people only seemed to be offended by the clip once it was re-shared to public eyes at a later date.

While he does go on to apologise and admit that “it wasn’t right”, the conversation quickly becomes one surrounding him and how he has been treated since more people have now seen the video.

He goes on to say people have reported his channel, sent him hateful messages and that he believes people sharing the clip and “going live” to react to the incident and “fuelling to the fire […] doesn’t help”. He goes so far as to say “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone”.

Nevertheless, people are incensed by his actions, stating: “Some people don’t deserve dogs. This is one of them”; more importantly, most were unmoved by his attempt at an apology, which came off more like an indictment against social media.

Not only did he take issue with the fact that “when it happened, no one said a damn word”, but he pretty obviously admitted that he wanted to get in front of the story, admitting that “one bad thing could screw you over”.

GsxrClyde‘s dog has essentially been a secondary character to his entire streaming career and part of the reason people seem to be so incensed, beyond the obvious needless cruelty, is that they have just as much an attachment to the dog as they do to the image they had of the Clyde himself.

We’re sure that Clyde doesn’t make a habit of shoving his dig into a fridge whenever he’s on stream but it’s not a great look and not a great apology either. Look after your good boys and girls and certainly don’t try and point the finger at someone else.

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