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05th Jan 2022

Piers Morgan threatens to block anyone who sends him old Ghislaine Maxwell photo

Charlie Herbert

Piers Morgan warns he will block anyone who sends him Ghislain Maxwell pic

‘You’ve been warned’

Piers Morgan has told the world that anyone who sends him a photo of him posing with Ghislaine Maxwell or other since-disgraced celebs will be blocked.

The journalist and TV presenter made his feelings very clear in a social media post, in which he included a picture of himself with Maxwell and other photos of himself alongside the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Rolf Harris.

Since Maxwell’s guilty verdict on charges of sex trafficking late last month, Morgan has been hit with criticism by some for appearing to be pretty friendly with her in the past.

In the tweet, Morgan said that he had explained the past pictures and wrote that “anyone who sends me them going forward to make some fatuous nonsensical ‘GOTCHA!’ point is getting blocked.”

He added: “You’ve been warned, so no tearful ‘I was drunk, Piers, please forgive me!’ pleas for mercy if you ignore this directive.”

In December, Maxwell was found guilty of conspiracy to entice a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors and sex trafficking of minors.

Morgan had already posted an explanation for the Maxwell picture, in a tweet addressing “everyone gleefully sending me this photo.”

The former Good Morning Britain host said he met her “at a book launch in New York in 2013.”

They apparently “spoke for 5 minutes about her father Bob who once owned the Daily Mirror” with Morgan adding that she “seemed nice” but is obviously a “monster”.

Following Maxwell’s trial, Morgan described her as a “vile sex trafficker” and questioned whether she would start to “sing like a canary to avoid spending the rest of her life in prison.”

Maxwell faces a combined sentence of up to 65 years for her crimes.

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