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06th Oct 2023

Walkers ditches popular flavour crisp as devastated fans say their sandwiches are ruined


‘Cannot tell you how much I miss my two favourite flavours’

Walkers has faced a wave of upset after axing a flavour some crisp fans suggested was “God level”.

The popular crisps brand has confirmed the Worcester sauce flavour – which had been absent from supermarket shelves for some time – will not be returning.

Crisp-heads and wondered if stocks were simply running low cause it was so tasty, but Walkers has delivered the news they were never ready to hear.

The brand replied to a fan who reached out to ask: “Is it just me that’s noticed but I’ve not seen these in my local shop or supermarket for a while now. Can I still get them?”

Another said: “What has happened to Worcestershire sauce? Cannot tell you how much I miss my favourite flavour.”

A third added: “Where are the Worcester sauce flavour crisps? My favourite but I can’t find them anymore.”

Walkers replied, apologetically, saying the “flavour is no longer part of our range”.

One woman wrote: “The world is so f***** horrible right now so excuse me while I lend my ire to the only issue I afford to focus my energy on right now: why oh why did @walkers_crisps discontinue the God-level flavour, Worcester Sauce? I am bereft. Still.”

Another fan of the flavour also was told that Worcester sauce was “discontinued” but reassured the tomato ketchup flavour was still available.

“Love smoky bacon but what has happened to Worcestershire sauce and especially tomato ketchup flavours! Cannot tell you how much I miss my two favourite flavours,” they wrote.

Walkers responded: “Hi David, sorry to say Worcester Sauce has been discontinued, but Tomato ketchup is still out there!”

As news spread across social media, the conversation soon turned to chip sandwiches.

A person wrote: “Walkers Worcester Sauce were my favourite for years. Fondly remembered here.” Another said: “That’s a real shame, I enjoyed them in a sandwich!”

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