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02nd Nov 2023

Walkers crisps confirms another popular flavour has been axed for good

Charlie Herbert

Walkers crisps confirms another popular flavour has been axed for good

Gone but not forgotten

Walkers has announced that another of its popular flavours has been axed for good.

They’ve got dozens of different flavours, but some have reached the end of their lifespan and have been deemed surplus to requirements.

And this time, it’s the beef and onion flavour crisps.

The news was confirmed by Walkers when one crisp fan noticed that they hadn’t seen the brown packets of beef and onion flavour on shop shelves in a while.

So, they took to social media to ask the company what they deal is.

They wrote: “@walkers_crisps have you stopped making Beef & Onion Crisps?”

The company responded: “Hi Katie, sorry to say Beef & Onion was discontinued last year.”

When Katie replied “Devastated… why?”, she got no response.

Walkers responded to another beef and onion lover with the same sad news, writing: “We know there were a lot of people that loved Beef & Onion, but sometimes, sadly the sales just aren’t there, so we have to make changes to our range.”

On Facebook, the appropriately-named page Crazy Bout Crisps wrote: “So Walkers have confirmed to me that they have once more discontinued their Beef & Onion flavour crisps. Sad times.”

Dozens of people took to the comments to share their sadness, with one person writing: “Omg! One of my fav meaty flavours! How can prawn flavours crisps still be selling, against the delicious beef and onion ones? Walkers being em back please!”

Another commented: “I’m gutted, don’t understand why they have stopped doing beef and onion been munching them for decades. They have done a sausage flavor there so horrid”

One more added: “Gutted. They were my fav along with bacon, and chicken. Why oh why discontinue something that is voted the best. Everytime I take a liking to something it always gets taken off the market.”

This isn’t the only flavour that Walkers have decided to cast onto the crisp scrap heap.

Fans were left devastated last month when the Leicester-based company confirmed that Worcester Sauce crisps were “no longer part of our range.”

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