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25th Sep 2023

Oktoberfest waiter praised for ‘super strength’ while carrying more than a dozen beers

Charlie Herbert

Oktoberfest waiter praised for 'super strength' while carrying more than a dozen beers

Incredibly impressive

A waiter has gone viral after a video showed them carrying more than dozen steins of beer at the same time.

It’s one of the biggest times of year in Munich, when thousands of beer lovers descend on the German city for the annual festival.

There’s lederhosen, pretzels, bratwurst and steins of the amber stuff.

But if people are buying beer, that means people need to be serving beer, and one waiter may have reached the boss level of bar work.

She has gone viral on TikTok after a video showed her carrying 13 steins of beer in one go. The skill to stack the beers is impressive enough, before you even consider the weight. A stein is two pints, so she’s carrying the weight of 26 pints at the same time.

The clip has racked up a 3.3 million likes on the platform, and thousands took to the comments to voice their astonishment at the waiter’s skill and strength.

One person wrote: “It’s astounding how much they’re lifting and balancing… I struggle bad enough with one.”

A second said: “What in the…….I can’t even carry my coffee mug from the kitchen to the couch without a major malfunction!!!”

And a third commented: “I can’t even balance 2 cups of beer in one hand!”

There’s always critics though, and some people couldn’t help but comment on the way the pints had been poured and the somewhat questionable head on them.

But we’ll ignore that – it’s still incredibly impressive.

The waiter has some way to go if she wants to beat the world record though, which is held by Oliver Strümpfel.

He managed to carry an astounding 29 steins over a distance of 40 metres to break the record back in 2017.

This is the equivalent of 69kg, and Strümpfel said he’d been hitting the gym “three or four times a week” ahead of the world record attempt.

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