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08th Apr 2024

McDonald’s worker reveals they ignore drive-thru customers who do this one thing

Joseph Loftus

Thousands of customers do it every day

A McDonald’s worker has revealed a drive-thru habit hundreds of people do every day saying that it’s rude.

Taking to TikTok, the McDonald’s worker who goes by @maccaworkaddict shared a now-deleted video of herself dancing before revealing what the heinous act is.

Over the top of her video she made the revelation writing: “You can’t keep ignoring the car in the drive-thru because they screamed hello as soon as they get there”, suggesting you absolutely shouldn’t be saying hello when you pull up.

The employee added that when someone drives up to the drive-thru ordering station, staff are alerted with a buzz in their headset so there’s no need to shout hello.

The TikToker also revealed that her videos shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and did write that it was fine to try and grab an employee’s attention if you’d been waiting a while.

Another drive-thru worker commented: “Each time they say hello I make them wait another 10 seconds.” Another said: “I hated this working at Burger King especially when this customer be out there sitting there yelling soon as I put the headset on.”

One customer wrote: “I only say hello as nicely as I can if I pull up and no one says anything for a few minutes.”

Another argued: “How about just saying, ‘One second, I’ll be right with you.’ I say hello because I don’t know if they know I’m there.”

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