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28th Nov 2023

Domino’s announces major menu shake-up with three new flavours of fries

Jack Peat

The ‘fries revolution’ will combine the most-loved pizza toppings

Domino’s fries are about to step up a notch after the popular pizza chain announced it will be combining them with their most-loved toppings.

Three new flavours of Loaded Fries will be making their way onto menus across the country following the successful roll-out of the ‘Loaded’ range, which combines fries with cheese sauce and melted Mozzarella.

Cheeseburger will include a portion of fries topped with ground beef, gherkins, fresh tomatoes, cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese, all drizzled with Domino’s burger sauce.

Pepperoni Passion, another fan favourite, will be topped with cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese and of course, Domino’s signature pepperoni.

While Double Bacon & Cheese will, as the name suggests, be fully loaded with a double helping of bacon, cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese.

They will all be available at every Domino’s store across the UK just in time for the festive period, which is widely regarded to be the most indulgent time of all.

Louise Pilkington, Director of Food Innovation at Domino’s said: “Since they launched, Fries have been a massive hit amongst our fans.

“But of course, those very same fans have been chomping at the bit to combine the taste of their favourite toppings with fries!

“After a little bit of experimenting, our new range loads delicious toppings like cheese, bacon and of our course our iconic pepperoni onto our golden fries.

“My favour is Cheeseburger Loaded, the phenomenal taste of our cheeseburger pizza, loaded onto fries. What’s not to love!”

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