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27th Nov 2023

Former McDonald’s chef explains why the menu rarely changes

Callum Boyle


The secrets of the Golden Arches have been revealed

A former chef at McDonald’s has explained why you will rarely see the menu change.

Throughout the calendar year, additions will be made to the menu but more often than not, only for a limited amount of time.

Then of course there’s the classics, from Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs, to cheeseburgers and McFlurrys but people have asked why the fast food chain doesn’t introduce new stuff to the menu.

Chef Mike Haracz explained the decision – which is more complicated than you’d expect.

Replying to a question on TikTok, he explained: “If you look at every other country including Canada, Mexico, and every other place where there’s a McDonald’s, usually they have more creative menus.

“A big reason for that is that they don’t have the supply chain issues that McDonald’s US does in the case of volume.

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“McDonald’s in the US is 85% of all of McDonald’s revenue business is in the United States.

“If McDonald’s launched something new, they are changing the market value of that ingredient if it’s not something already in the system.”

Haracz revealed that he wanted to introduce a blueberry-based product however those plans were abandoned after it emerged that the chain would use up the “world’s resources of blueberries”.

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