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06th Dec 2023

Brits consumed enough Garlic & Herb Dip to fill 17 Olympic-size swimming pools in 2023

Jack Peat

Domino’s has released its Taste of the Nation report – and it contains some pretty shocking findings

Britain is officially a nation of dip fanatics, according to the latest Taste of the Nation report from Domino’s, which details just how much Garlic & Herb the nation has just collectively put away in a year.

According to the report, the high street chain sold close to a billion slices of pizza in 2023, with Brits enjoying a whopping 17 Olympic-size swimming pools worth of tasty dip alongside.

The ‘perfect pizza hour’ where we are most likely to order a Domino’s is 6pm, while the most popular orders were Original Cheese & Tomato, Pepperoni Passion, and Texas BBQ.

The busiest day for Domino’s in the last year was the 10th of December 2022 – the day England lost against France during the World Cup in Qatar, where Brits ordered over 600,000 pizzas.

And despite the fierce debate about pineapple on pizza, there were 3,633,505 orders for more of it, with this more popular than extra cheese and jalapenos.

Sam Wilson, of Domino’s, said: “Unboxing the UK’s pizza preferences has been as delightful and exciting as opening the lid on your favourite meal.

“Not only have we uncovered the country’s favourite pizza choices, but we might finally have an answer to the question that pizza fans have argued over for decades – does pineapple belong on pizza?

“And all thanks to the people of Caerphilly. Not only do they make cracking cheese, but they know their pizza toppings too.

“Whether it’s pineapple or no pineapple, pepperoni or plain old cheese and tomato, there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy your pizza.

“If anything, the research highlights there’s more ways than ever to enjoy a slice of the action.

“As a proven mood booster on match days or satisfying the weird and wonderful tastes of the nation, it can’t be denied pizza is the ultimate crowd pleaser.”

Research commissioned by the high street pizza chain of 2,000 adults also found there remains a firm divide as to whether the fruit belongs on the Italian delicacy.

Nearly half (48 per cent) said the exotic fruit does have a place on a pizza – with 30 per cent disagreeing and the remaining 22 per cent indifferent to the debate.

Pineapple even adds to the notorious North-South divide, with South Wales, particularly the town of Caerphilly, adding the most pineapple across the nation per capita, the internal data showed.

While Northerners stand against pineapple with Sunderland and South Shields adding the least per capita.

Tastes vary drastically across the nation with the North West handling their heat as hot sauce fanatics, more than any other region (16 per cent), while their North East neighbours want the cool and classic garlic and herb dip as the ultimate crust dunker.

Yorkshire and The Humber stick to traditions with a tomato sauce base, and those in Northern Ireland get more adventurous when they need a post hangover pick me up.

London consumes more pizza than any other region with the average person eating it three times a month.

But the South East takes first place with the biggest single order, a dizzying 1,163 pizzas.

Sam Wilson, of Domino’s, added: “Whatever’s on your slice – whether it’s sweetcorn, pineapple, or even tuna – we love to see our fans make it their own. And that includes how they’re dunking.

“We love creating new and amazing flavours and will keep inventing them to satisfy the growing taste of our customers.”

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