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06th Dec 2023

UK’s biggest ever kebab shop is opening this month

Charlie Herbert

UK's biggest ever kebab shop is opening this month

Can it match up to your local bossman’s though?

The UK’s biggest kebab shop is opening its doors this month.

Kebhouze in London is not just the biggest kebab place in the country at the moment, but of all time, with the huge takeaway spread over three floors.

Kebhouze is a kebab chain which was set up by a group of Italian entrepreneurs, and has 25 stores across Italy and Spain.

The basis behind the brand is to reimagine the menus and interior of traditional kebab houses and give them a modern twist.

The London branch is the first of Kebhouze’s first venture into the UK. It is situated on Oxford Street in the capital and will open on December 21.

They’ll serve kebab-lovers four types of meat along with vegan and gluten-free options, and a menu for children.

The restaurant is described as an “immersive experience” which will feature kebab-themed arcades and kebab-inspired art – created by renowned British artist Philip Colbert, a.k.a. The Lobster.

It’s not just novelty and gimmicks though, with Kebhouze promising to deliver “a premium twist on kebabs” for its customers.

You can enjoy Kebab wraps, Kebab burgers and Kebab healthy bowls, all filled with your choice of meat.

The four meats on offer are chicken, veal & turkey, beef and Planted – the chain’s very own pea-protein based vegan alternative – along with all the usual Kebab trimmings.

But you can liven things up with some more unique toppings like bacon, olives and cheese.

On the side, you can treat yourself to fries, onion rings and nuggets.

Younger kebab fans can chow down on a Kebby Meal, which is Kebhouze’s kids creation in a “goodie box” which includes a mini kebab burger, french fries, soft drink and a Kinder surprise.

Discussing the brand’s expansion into London, Kebhouze general manager Oliver Zon said: “When it comes to the UK, you either go big or you go home. We of course decided to do one better than that and go for the biggest, opening the nation’s largest ever kebab house.

“Unlike the kebabs most Brits are accustomed to, we offer premium ingredients at a low cost, and prioritise variety, so whether you fancy a wrap, bowl or burger, Kebhouze is here to satisfy your cravings.

“Our three floor store on Oxford Street is one of a kind; an immersive kebab house packed with entertainment for all ages. Our mission is to ensure Londoners can enjoy kebab in an entertaining and fun setting – all while keeping costs low and quality high.”

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