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04th Sep 2023

Domino’s worker leaves people shocked after revealing how much she makes in tips

Charlie Herbert

‘I’m sorry that some people are so cheap’

A Domino’s worker in the US left people stunned after revealing how much she makes in tips as a delivery driver for the company.

Allison shared posted a video on TikTok in December last year in which she shared how much she makes in a standard night’s work.

On this shift, she had delivered pizzas to 11 households, and detailed how much each customer tipped – and whether they even tipped at all.

Allison revealed that her first order of the night tipped $3.83 after he gave her $50 and told her to keep the change.

Things didn’t get better from there, with the next customer not tipping at all on an order of more than $36.

Over the entire evening, the largest tip she received was $10, with a couple of other households also deciding not to tip anything to her.

So, by the end of the shift, she received $13 in cash tips and $42.29 in credit card tips, averaging at $5.03 a tip per delivery.

She pointed out that this didn’t count her reimbursement for petrol.

Concluding, Allison said it was “not terrible for a Monday, but it could be better.”

Some of you may be reading this and starting to think when the last time you tipped a delivery driver was, and starting to feel a bit guilty. But, of course, the whole culture around tipping is vastly different in the US to what it is here in the UK, where the minimum wage is higher.

After watching the TikTok – which has been viewed more than 1 million times – many Americans took to the comments to voice their shock at the tips Allison had received.

“I can’t believe people don’t tip,” one person said.

A second added: “If I can’t tip the bill or so very close to it, then I’m not going out to eat or ordering in. TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVERS AND SERVERS!!!!!!”

A third added: “2/11 gave no tips? I feel like those customers should be tracked. After 5 no tip orders they get banned lol.”

While a fourth commented: “I’m sorry that some people are so cheap.”

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