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20th Mar 2015

Video: UFC badboy Conor McGregor uses Joe Aldo’s face as a dartboard…in his own backyard

Bullseye's Jim Bowen would surely approve of this...

Ben Kenyon

We know that UFC phenomenon Conor McGregor has balls of steel.

But this video proves just how iron-clad his nads must be.

The dynamite Irish fighter was filmed throwing darts at a picture of Brazilian rival Jose Aldo – in a Rio de Janeiro pub.

Thankfully it was an Irish bar or The Notorious might have had to fight his way out of the country single-handedly.

McGregor is in Brazil to promote the big featherweight fight with champion Aldo which is set for UFC 189 in July.

I’m sure he has plenty more petrol to pour on the flames ahead of fight night.