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21st Jul 2015

Try this delicious home-made protein waffle recipe for a power breakfast

Ben Kenyon

If you’re a diet freak you’d probably feel pretty guilty scoffing a stack of waffles in the morning.

And if you didn’t get the food guilt, you’d probably dash off out to do a 15-mile run to burn it off.

Well there’s no need when you cobble together some of these brilliant protein waffles.

The recipe, which has been put together by PhD Nutrition, contains 35g of protein per waffle, and only 9g of carbs and fat.

Fill your boots…

Protein waffle ingredients

PhD Diet Whey Vanilla

10g Organic coconut flour (optional)

2 egg whites

1 whole egg

40ml unsweetened almond milk

Waffle maker



1.Gather your ingredients and turn on the waffle maker at medium heat.

2.Beat the egg and egg whites together in a bowl.

3.Add the protein powder and coconut flour to the eggs.

4.Stir in the almond milk until the liquid becomes a thick consistency.

5.Pour into waffle maker and wait until cooked. (If you do not have a waffle maker heat a pan with some coconut oil and make pancakes)

6.Eat and enjoy.

Prep time: 5 mins

Cooking time: 5 mins

Additional hints and tips:

  • Make sure the waffle maker/pan is heated before placing the mix in.
  • Add water if 40ml of almond milk is not enough.
  • Add some honey or berries for a finishing touch.
  • Use any flavour protein for different flavoured waffles.

Each waffle contains 267kcal, 35g protein, 9g fat, 9g carbs,