This American guy has got super ripped eating Chipotle every day for nearly a year 5 years ago

This American guy has got super ripped eating Chipotle every day for nearly a year

Who said you can't enjoy a treat every now and then?

Well actually American fitness fanatic Devin Cunningham has been tucking into a treat every single day...for nearly a year.


The best part is he's still absolutely ripped.

While most people tell you that you need to eat clean and ditch the junk food to get in shape, Devin has proved there's another way other than cutting out your favourite foods altogether.

Like millions of Americans, the man is a Chipotle fan. Actually he loves the fast food Mexican Grill so much he's been eating there once a day for 319 days straight - and he aims to do it for a full year, according to Fox News.

A recent study claimed Chipotle was even more calorific than your average McDonald's meal, but despite these reports Devin has kept on eating there and still stayed in crazy shape.


What witchcraft is this, you might ask.

The Washington man says the key to being able to eat his favourite food every day is monitoring his calorie intake on a daily basis.

"It's all about moderation and flexible dieting - whatever fits your macros," Cunningham said. "As long as you're not going over and above your caloric intake for the day, and you work out, you should be fine."

We wrote a piece here explaining exactly how the 'If It Fits Your Macros Diet' right here which explains in more depth how it's possible.


Devin expalined he first did a bulk to put on muscle where he ate 3,000 calories. Then to shed body fat and get ripped he dropped his daily calories to just 1,900. Once he got in shape he runs a maintenance calorie intake of 2,400.

“I bulked up from 156 to 172 pounds and cut down to 146 pounds at 8 percent to 9 percent body fat,” he explained.

“I work out about six days a week and my workouts last anywhere between an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes,” he added.

On his Facebook page he revealed a bit more about the types of things he was eating in his diet other than Chipotle.


It consisted of meats, bagels, bananas, granola, protein drink and pretzels for a snack - and he even said he had a double cheeseburger for dinner. But the key is that his 'macros' (protein, carbs and fats) don't exceed his daily calorie target. Genius.