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15th Mar 2019

Sony are creating a robot personal trainer, according to reports

Sony have patented a robot personal trainer. Pumping iron with a PT made from metal sounds brutal, but at least it won't try and sell you detox tea

Alex Roberts

Pumping iron with a PT made from metal? Sounds great

Video games were once seen as the opposite to an active lifestyle, but this could be a thing of the past. If a recent patent application is anything to go by, Sony are planning to launch a robot personal trainer.

The tech giant recently submitted a patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, filed under the term ‘Robot as Personal Trainer’.

  • According to the patent application, the robot personal trainer will be able to tell which exercise the user is performing
  • It will be able to analyse the movement
  • The robot will then be able to provide feedback on correct technique and form

The plans depict the robot as a kind of R2D2 figure, a large rounded object on wheels that works with a PlayStation Eye camera.

If you like your fitness feedback blunt and to-the-point, the robot could be up your street. If you’re in need of more emotional support, you’d be unlikely to find it here.

You’ll also be able to upload your workout and progress to social media.

The idea is only in its infancy, hence the pretty vague notion it will comply with a ‘console or computer’.

Thankfully, our robot overlords don’t look like they’re taking over just yet. There’s no indication the robot personal trainer will be coming to a gym near you any time soon, or putting human fitness instructors out of work.

You’d also struggle to get an effective spot on the bench press from one of these bad boys.

That said, if the robot personal trainer is prepared to admit that you can actually eat carbs after 6pm without getting fat then maybe there’s a place for it in society.

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