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30th Oct 2020

Ex-SAS soldier Ollie Ollerton on the diet which keeps him ripped aged 49

Former SAS soldier and TV star Ollie Ollerton has revealed the daily plant-based diet he follows to stay lean at the age of 49

Alex Roberts

He begins his day at 5:00am, and eats a plant-based diet

Former SAS operative Ollie Ollerton has revealed the diet he follows to stay lean at the age of 49.

A star of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins, Ollerton has carved a career out of being fighting fit and in incredible shape. However, long after leaving the Special Forces, he is showing no signs of slowing down.

He still works out virtually every day, and even carries gym equipment around with him when out of the house.

Speaking exclusively to JOE, Ollerton said:

“My time in the forces and my busy schedule means I need to be prepared to workout in any and every condition or environment.

“I like to keep with me just a few bits of equipment, such as resistance bands, an ab roller or slings, for example, as this means that I can create a pop up gym wherever it is I happen to be that day.”

The 49-year-old’s day begins at 5am, reminiscent of the hectic schedule that actor Mark Wahlberg also endures.

Ollie Ollerton’s morning routine

  • 05:00 – Wake up
  • 05:15 – Drink a glass of warm lemon water
  • 05:20 – Meditate
  • 06:00 – Go for a run or to the gym
  • 07:00 – Take my phone off flight mode and check and reply to emails
  • 08:00 – Set goals for the day

In terms of diet, it might surprise you to learn that Ollerton eats almost exclusively plant-based. That’s right – one of the toughest guys in the country goes without meat.

The SAS soldier’s plant-based diet

Ollerton, founder of fitness app BattleReady360, says he aims to eat four to five meals a day.

  • Breakfast: Green smoothie with fruit and vegetables
  • Mid-morning snack: Avocado on toast with
  • Lunch: Vegetable pasta with homemade tomato sauce and vegetables
  • Afternoon snack: Protein shake
  • Dinner:  An omelette, risotto or vegetable curry dish

“I tend to play around with my lunches and dinners if I have more time,” Ollerton says.

“For example, I’ve recently made quinoa risotto, beet burgers and lentil curry soup. I try and cook a little extra, too, and then have the leftovers for lunch the next day.”