Training after food better than fasted cardio for burning fat, data shows 8 months ago

Training after food better than fasted cardio for burning fat, data shows

Want to burn more body fat when working out? Eat a protein-rich meal before

Granted, this may not appear as breaking news to regular gym-goers. You're probably aware of the importance of protein pre and post-workout.

But eating a meal rich in protein before exercise has now been shown to aid fat loss more than training in a fasted state.

Fasted training, particularly cardio, is often billed as an easy way of getting ripped quick, but the evidence is less than conclusive.

A new study discovered fasted cardio did not burn more body fat than training when fed.

The research actually found eating a meal containing protein before training boosted the amount of body fat burned for energy.

Eating a meal pre-workout was also shown to increase the overall number of calories burned. This is a hugely-important factor for shedding unwanted pounds.

What's the deal with fasted cardio?

As we've previously discussed, fasted cardio was once thought to increase fat loss by its restrictive nature.

Cutting back on food before working out, to the point where you're low on carbohydrates, was believed to increase the amount of fat burned as fuel.

However, your body doesn't pinpoint single sources of energy. Also, fat loss is more of a long-term process achieved through a calorie deficit.

This new research is further evidence of working out with a good meal in your system.

Why protein?

Everyone knows that protein builds bigger guns, right? It's made up of amino acids - particularly branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). These help muscle tissue grow and repair in response to resistance training.

Less is known about how protein aids fat loss, but it seems the act of synthesising (making use of) protein prompts your body to burn more calories.

A high-protein diet is therefore essential when looking to lose weight, but the benefits don't end there.

Consuming enough protein when dropping body fat means most of your muscle mass will be protected - and not burned for energy.

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