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28th Nov 2018

Common exercise excuses and how to overcome them

You'll need to immerse yourself in the unfamiliar to realise your goals. These are the most common exercise excuses and how to overcome them

Alex Roberts

The biggest barrier to achieving your fitness goals is arguably yourself

It’s difficult to move outside of your comfort zone, and there’s no shame in finding it difficult. However, you’ll need to immerse yourself in the unfamiliar in order to realise your goals.

These are the most common exercise excuses and how to overcome them from Freeletics Training Specialist Seana Forbes.

1. ‘I don’t have enough time’

“Life is very fast-paced and much of your time is taken up with work and social commitments which unfortunately leaves little time for exercise, and whilst this is a common excuse to forgo a workout, it really shouldn’t be.

“Exercising regularly has many physical and mental benefits, and the time spent exercising can make you more productive at work, and active in your social life. If you struggle to find the time to exercise it may be a good idea to schedule workouts, like you’d do with work or social events to ensure you get them done.”

Try this: Get up just half an hour early and do a short HIIT workout.

2. ‘It’s boring’

“If you stick to the same workout regime or classes, exercise can become boring and monotonous. The key to overcoming this is to find a workout you enjoy, so it becomes fun rather than boring.

“Doing the same workout can also hinder your results, so switching it up every so often and doing a variety of sessions which will keep your body and mind on its toes.”

Try this: HIIT, bodyweight training, cycling, kettlebells, hiking and bodybuilding-style training are all different ways of staying active.

3. ‘I’m lacking motivation’

“If you’re lacking motivation, one way to combat this would be to surround yourself with positive people who motivate you and encourage you to reach your goal.

“You could also save some of your favourite motivational quotes in the gallery of your phone so when your motivation wavers, they’re easily accessible and will put you back in the right frame of mind.”

Try this: Music can prove a powerful tool for sourcing fitness motivation. Build a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music that gets your backside into gear whenever you listen to it.

4. ‘I don’t know where to start’

“If you’re new to exercise it can be overwhelming, but there are so many resources made for beginners you needn’t feel this way.

“There are some great, free fitness apps available (such as Freeletics) which feature a variety of workouts suitable for any age or fitness level.”

Try this: If you’d rather leave the apps alone, invest in a REPs-certified Personal Trainer who will show you the ropes and create workouts tailored to your goals.

5. ‘It’s too expensive’

“Exercising often and keeping fit really don’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of exercises you can do outside of a gym that are free, and a whole host of fitness resources which can be accessed for free online or through the App Store

“Depending on where you live, there may be free fitness groups or classes you could go to which will give you an effective workout for no cost.”

Try this: Head to your local park, and find a sturdy tree branch or workout bars. Perform 5 chin ups from the tree, and then drop into 10 press-ups. Repeat for 10 rounds. That’s a quick HIIT session that’ll cost you nothing.

6. ‘I’m too tired’

“A busy schedule, lack of sleep and poor diet can all make you feel tired, and however tempting it may be to skip a session, exercise can improve your energy levels and mood.

“If you’re feeling lethargic, a short but intense HIIT session can inject some energy into your day and give you a rush of feel-good endorphins.”

Try this: Walking or cycling to work is a great idea to help you feel refreshed and still get some exercise in.

7. ‘I’m too embarrassed / self-conscious to train’

“Some people prefer to work out alone, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be mindful that most people aren’t looking at you, they’re most likely concentrating on themselves and what they’re doing.

“If you find this is holding you back, there are lots of things you can do to keep fit – such as exercising at home, working with a personal trainer, or simply running or jogging outdoors.”

Try this: Investing in new gym kit and crafting your own playlist can help motivate you. When the headphones are in while training, you can easily disregard the immediate gym environment.

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