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15th Apr 2023

Accountant sets new world record with more than 3,200 press-ups in an hour

Steve Hopkins

And he was docked 34 press ups for not doing them correctly

An Australian dad has set a new world record for doing the most press-ups in an hour, knocking out 53 every minute – not far off one every second.

Lucas Helmke, an accountant by trade, completed 3,206 at his local gym in Brisbane.

The 33-year-old snatched the Guinness World Record from another Australian, who set a new record just last year.

It’s the fourth time a new record has been set in three years.

Two previous record holders were also Australians.

Lucas told Guinness World Records he wanted to “provide inspiration” for his one-year-old son by showing him “nothing is impossible.”

Each press-up had to be completed with perfect form, otherwise, it didn’t count.

Lucas was required to keep his body straight on his way up, without bending his knees and waist, while reaching at least a 90-degree angle at the elbow when he lowered himself.

On 34 occasions, his form wasn’t good enough and the press-ups didn’t count.

Nevertheless, he still overtook the previous record, 3,182 press-ups, set up Daniel Scali in April 2022.

Lucas set his new record at the Iron Underground gym in November but his record was only just approved by Guinness World Records.

Posting the certificate on his Facebook last month, Lucas wrote: “This one finally came through.”

He told Guiness World Records it took him two to three years to build up the strength to be capable of setting the new record.

Given the competition, it is not clear how long his record will stand.

According to media reports in Florida, from March, American man Rob Stirling, 60, had managed 3,264 press-ups last month – but that claim is yet to be recognised by Guinness.

Regardless, Lucas isn’t done yet.

“This will be the first record I wish to set of a number of other push-up records.

“Then onto other physical records.”

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