Doctor reveals how long sex lasts on average 1 month ago

Doctor reveals how long sex lasts on average

A doctor has revealed how long sex normally lasts

Dr Ali, who has a huge following on social media, was intrigued to find out how long sex should last on average.


She is known for answering a wide variety of medical-related issues on her TikTok account, which has over 1.3 million followers.

After conducting some research and looking at some studies, Dr Ali revealed all in a video she posted on her TikTok account.

Dr Ali said that no one had ever asked her how long sex should be previously.


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In response to the question, Dr Ali said: "So overall this is going to vary couples to couples, and obviously people define sex differently: does it include the foreplay, is it just penis-vaginal sex?


"The studies that were done look at penile-vaginal sex. So in 2005, when the study was done, the average length was 5.4 minutes."

She said in 2008, when another study was carried out, the "desirable length" was 7-10 minutes long.

She went on to say that, in 2020, scientists surveyed heterosexual women and found that intercourse lasting 13.4 minutes was average.

After posting the TikTok video, Dr Ali said that she received several responses saying that the studies only referred to opposite-sex couples.

In her usual style, Dr Ali had a look into the studies for same-sex couples and came back with answers.


She said the "differences were astronomical."

"Across the board all of the studies show that same-sex couples have longer sexual experiences."

Dr Ali said that a study conducted in 2013 showed that "women who have sex with women" have "sexual encounters" that last for an average of 57 minutes.

Dr Ali also talks about subjects relating to fertility and pregnancy on her TikTok and Instagram accounts.