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04th Jun 2015

Chips, Coke and chocolate are powering these two swimmers 1,400km around Ireland

Ben Kenyon

‘Eat clean if you want to be an athlete,’ they said. ‘You’ll never play for Accrington Stanley scoffing all those Party Rings and Flying Saucers, Ben,” they’d chide.

Well, these two Irish guys are proving all you biscuit haterz wrong.

David Burns and Maghnus Collins are swimming the entire Irish coastline – all 1,400km of it – powered by a diet of chips, Coke, chocolate and more chips. You absolute heroes!

These two chaps are athletes of the people – proper athletes! Not these picture-perfect, salad-munching lot off the telly.

David put a stone and a half on n six weeks to prepare for the mammoth swim. Good effort.

They’re only in the early stages of Swim 360, which could take three months, but JOE will be cheering you on all the way…from a warm, dry office…obviously.

Maybe I will play for Accrington Stanley one day after all. *opens another pack of biscuits.

H/T SportsJOE