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22nd Mar 2024

First Dates viewers left cringing after ‘worst date’ story

Ryan Price

People were mortified for her!

The season finale of First Dates Ireland aired on RTÉ2 last night, and viewers were left cringing at one particular moment in the episode.

The awkward instance came when 25-year-old Leona from County Meath accidentally sent a video of her worst ever date, to the date himself.

(Image: RTE2)

Leona was matched with well-groomed actor William who tried to rest Leona’s nerves by assuring her that it “wasn’t a job interview”, and before long, the pair got almost too comfortable by delving into the topic of their worst dates.

“This man said he’d bring me to a cocktail bar and I was absolutely delighted — me being 19, never been brought to a cocktail bar,” Leona revealed.

“He then went up and went to the bar — me assuming that he’s getting me a drink — he came back and was like ‘the bar’s in there’.”

Leona went on to say that the man did the same thing again a little while later, before eventually asking her back to his house.

“I should’ve just gotten up and left,” she said. Instead, she went home with the guy, and got a taxi back to hers a few hours later after the deed was done.

She said: “I got up and got my taxi, went home – I proceeded to send my friend videos absolutely tearing this man to shreds, and I sent them to him, by accident.

“I put my phone on airplane mode immediately; I don’t know if they sent, he’s blocked on every social media that I have to this day. I don’t know if he ever got them.”

Thankfully, Leona’s date with William seemed to be going a lot smoother, and both participants hinted at being up for a second date in the future.

(Image: RTE2)

Prior to William’s arrival, Leona confided in barman Neil that her celebrity crush had always been Matt Smith, famous for playing Doctor Who and Prince Phillip in The Crown.

While 29-year-old William was no timelord, he wasn’t far off resembling the English actor.

Referring to his own looks, William commented: “When you are kinda handsome, people think ‘oh, he must be gay or something like that’. ‘I’ve got that a lot when I was younger. I’m just someone who’s well groomed, looks after themselves, so I hope to get that in return.'”

At the end of their rendez-vous, producers asked both Leona and William if they’re going to go for a second date, to which they both emphatically said yes.

“There’s definitely more that I’d like to understand and learn about him,” Leona told the producers, while William joked “I mean we already agreed so… yeah, we’ll see where the wind takes us.”

It sounds like it could be the start of something special. Here’s hoping Leona has finally found her Doctor Who.

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