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01st Nov 2023

Gynecologist wife refuses to shower before bed leaving husband to sleep on couch

Ryan Grace

“She thinks it’s unnecessary and feels like I’m being unreasonable”

Domestic disagreements are part of every marriage… but this one stinks!

A man says he’s feeling ‘judged’ for refusing to sleep in the same bed with his gynecologist wife when she refuses to take a shower after work.

The 33-year-old American is dividing opinion on social media site Reddit for opting to sleep on the couch in protest instead.

He’s asked the public if he’s an ‘a****** for defiantly leaving the matrimonial bed in favour of his ‘health’.

Posting on Reddit’s AITA forum, the man revealed the situation is driving a wedge between him and his wife, and that his better half is arguing that the the whole ordeal is unnecessary.

The husband, who chose to remain anonymous online, insists he’s proud of his gynecologist wife whose daily toil includes long shifts at the hospital.

He even commended the 32-year-old for wearing gloves and regularly changing her scrubs to avoid any contamination and keep a high level of hygiene in the workplace.

However that’s where the praise swiftly ended with the man admitting he feels “uneasy” about the lack of a courtesy shower before the lights go out.

Unfortunately, her hubby still felt ‘uneasy’ and his views on the matter incited arguments in what otherwise would’ve been a happy home, but his position on the conflict divided opinion among readers.

At a loss over how best to resolve the domestic matter, he wrote: ‘I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request for her to take a quick shower before bed.’

He continued: ‘My wife is a gynecologist and works at a hospital.’

‘She recently mentioned that she is exposed to a lot of bodily fluids during her workday. While I’m proud of her for doing such an important job, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same bed as her without her showering first’.

‘I’ve asked her to take a shower before coming to bed, but she thinks it’s unnecessary and feels like I’m being unreasonable.’

‘However, I still feel uneasy about the potential exposure to bodily fluids, and I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request for her to take a quick shower before bed.’

‘Since my wife doesn’t want to shower before bed, I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room instead.’

His situation and honesty has sparked a full blown debate among fellow Redditers, with some choosing to side with Team Husband and others with Team Wife.

One user agreed wholeheartedly with the anonymous poster: ‘I am trying to understand how she can jump into her bed without bathing. It’s just basic hygiene to me.’

Another added: ‘It’s not unreasonable to want someone who has been in a hospital all day to take a shower.’

However, others were quick to back the wife: ‘My guy, do you know the precautions they take.

‘She’s not getting fluid on herself and just leaving it there, you are basically calling her unsanitary when she’s probably cleaner than you are.’

Another added: ‘Your wife sees multiple patients a day. If this was any threat to you she’d have to shower between patients.’

‘I bet she doesn’t have to do that. Of course she gloves up and wears whatever gear is necessary to not bring ‘fluids’ home.’

Finally, the man conceded to ‘overestimating the hazard’ and confessed that he felt ‘judged’.