Tom Hanks’ son Chet says he did not have a ‘strong male role model’ growing up 5 months ago

Tom Hanks’ son Chet says he did not have a ‘strong male role model’ growing up

Chet felt like a bit of Castaway growing up as a Hanks

Chet Hanks, the third child of legendary actor Tom Hanks, has revealed that he feels he grew up without any real "strong role model".


Speaking on his new YouTube channel, the actor, influencer and occasional rapper started off the video by saying that there are two questions he always gets asked about: "White Boy Summer" (his 2021 rap song) and growing up as a Hanks.

As you can see in the nearly 14-minute monologue below, the 31-year-old discusses being surrounded by "s***-talking" and "d***-riders" and how he believes he "didn't really have a strong male role model" to help him navigate situations.


Hanks went on to explain how growing up, he was met by people who either assumed he was an "arrogant, entitled, spoiled brat" or were simply "infatuated with the idea of hanging around Tom Hanks' son".

While he admits he enjoyed a "privileged" lifestyle growing up, he says it left him with "a chip on [his] shoulder" and feeling as though people were jealous and took a dislike towards him for being famous.

Chet is one of four children, the eldest and arguably most well known being fellow actor Colin Hanks (Fargo, Band of Brothers, Dexter).

This was Hanks' first video posted to his channel outside of his music videos and the video itself opens to a credit that reads, "HanxFit: A Self-Mastery Program", which appears to be a private fitness training subscription service.


As for his father, the Forrest Gump and Philadelphia star is yet to respond to Chet's comments, though he did insist that his remarks were nothing personal: "I love my parents... I wouldn't want any different parents".

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