There was a Pulp Fiction reunion at the Oscars that hardly anyone noticed 4 months ago

There was a Pulp Fiction reunion at the Oscars that hardly anyone noticed

Unsurprisingly, it ended up being overshadowed by other events on the night...

Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta and Uma Thurman took part in a Pulp Fiction reunion at the Oscars on Sunday night with the trio reunited on stage at the awards ceremony.


The three made a whole host of references to the iconic 1994 film as they presented the award for Best Actor.

Whilst Thurman and Travolta had a little boogie in homage to their immortal dance scene in the film, Jackson said: "Pulp Fiction was a masterpiece, but these two think it was all about a dance contest!"

He joked: "Some actors stay in character through an entire shoot, and some, well, they just never let it go."


Thurman then said "Maybe later we'll have a $5 milkshake," with Travolta adding "How about a royale with cheese?"

Jackson said that, just like in Pulp Fiction, it was "all about the contents of this briefcase," pointing to the prop Travolta had brought on stage with him, People reports.


He explained the meaning of the famous briefcase in the film, saying: "All of the murder and mayhem that occurred in two hours and 45 minutes was about what was in here.

"And at the end of the film, they stopped the reveal, and the audience was left to draw their own conclusions about the meaning."

The trio then opened it, revealing a golden light - and the envelope containing the name of the winner of the award.

In a nod to Pulp Fiction, the stars almost revealed the contents of the iconic briefcase... (Neilson Barnard/Getty)


...but all it contained was the envelope containing the name of the award winner (Neilson Barnard/Getty)

But the reunion provided some much-needed light relief, taking place just moments after Will Smith had slapped Chris Rock on stage for a joke the comedian made about his wife.


Smith was then named the winner of the Best Actor award though, and gave an emotional and lengthy acceptance speech, meaning that the whole Pulp Fiction reunion became somewhat overshadowed in the end.

Also on the night, Jackson was presented with an honorary Oscar celebrating his legendary career in film.

Backstage, the trio then took a selfie together (Matt Sayles/Getty)

Pulp Fiction was nominated in seven categories at the 1995 Academy Awards, with Travolta, Jackson and Thurman all being nominated in acting categories and the film being nominated for Best Picture.

The film only picked up one win though, for Best Original Screenplay.

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