Miriam Margolyes shocks This Morning viewers with talk of 'faking orgasms' and tomato juice being a 'delight' for the anus 1 month ago

Miriam Margolyes shocks This Morning viewers with talk of 'faking orgasms' and tomato juice being a 'delight' for the anus

Just Miriam Margoyles being her vintage self

This Morning viewers on Monday were left shocked after guest Miriam Margolyes discussed a number of topics most would deem inappropriate for early morning television, including faking orgasms and anal stimulation involving tomato juice. Yep.


The 81-year-old is never one to censor herself however, her now-trademark outbursts are usually saved for late-night TV or at least just post-watershed enough that she's in the clear. Today was not one of those days.

Although she did her best to fight off swearing during a live broadcast in the middle of the day - even catching herself just in time on one occasion - once the floodgates were open, there was no point in stopping her. This was how it started:


Preach, Miriam.

It isn't the first time she's summed up a large section of the UK public's thoughts on life at the minute either, as the chat show queen went viral just recently for a similar sentiment during a Cameo message:


She then went on to discuss everything from working with a "smelly" Leonardo DiCaprio when he was a younger man on the set of Romeo and Juliet to recording a pornographic audiotape called Sexy Sonya: Leaves From My Schoolgirl Diary, which she dubbed as a "just a nasty episode which people could take home and pleasure themselves with."

While she insisted that she has never participated in visual porn, she did suffer from another slip of the tongue as she clarified that the material was purely "audio, not visual. I did it on a microphone – with, no, AT a microphone."

She even quipped that she found it "exhausting... you have to keep breathing heavily to simulate orgasm – as many women have to anyway... I came home with a headache."

As if Holly, Phil and those at home weren't laughing enough already, she even went on to discuss her rider when it comes to dressing rooms, which includes a bottle of Big Tom tomato juice, remarking, “I love it, it bites you as it goes down. And you know, your anus contracts with delight — thank you for it."

Can we have Miriam Margolyes on This Morning every day?

As always, people loved her completely unadulterated honesty and having been on the episode to promote her new memoir, This Much Is True, we dare say she's just sold a few copies:

It goes without saying but never change, Miriam.

You can watch the full clip down below — consider it a 'Try Not To Laugh' challenge — or can you watch some of her best bits on the show from down the years here.


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