Niall Horan has a pop at one of his fans...and we can hardly blame him 4 years ago

Niall Horan has a pop at one of his fans...and we can hardly blame him

No matter what your opinion on the likes of Niall Horan, you've got to admit that they deserve at least a little bit of privacy.

Living your life in the public eye is a tiring thing, and we imagine it's only made more difficult when you're in a band like One Direction who have such a passionate fanbase.

Fair play to the Irish singer, he uses his celebrity for good, working on Soccer Aid helping out the less fortunate (including new England manager, Sam Allardyce).

But still, being a celebrity has many drawbacks for someone as popular as Niall Horan.

The One Direction singer understandably lost his cool on Tuesday after a fan took an unsolicited picture of him while he was sleeping on a recent flight from London to Chicago.

It's reported that the singer was travelling to the the Lollapalooza music festival when he met the fan, who took a picture of him catching some sleep after he politely declined a selfie with them because he was feeling unwell.

We'd hope that most people would decide that if someone doesn't want to pose for a photo, they definitely don't want to be snapped while asleep, but apparently not everyone feels that way.

Surely the man is entitled to some peace and quiet.

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