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30th Mar 2015

Michael Jackson used to prank call Russell Crowe

Matt Stanger

There comes a time, around 13 years of age, when we all reluctantly have to accept that it’s time to grow out of making prank phone calls.

But it seems that particular epiphany escaped Michael Jackson.

According to Russell Crowe in an interview with the Guardian, the late King of Pop used to call him at all hours to play the childish prank…despite never meeting him in person.

“For two or three fucking years,” said Crowe when recalling the story.

“I never met him, never shook his hand, but he found out the name I stayed in hotels under, so it didn’t matter where I was, he’d ring up do this kind of thing, like you did when you were 10, you know. ‘Is Mr Wall there? Is Mrs Wall there? Are there any Walls there? Then what’s holding the roof up? Ha ha.’

“You’re supposed to grow out of doing that, right?”

Yes, Russell. Yes you are.