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13th May 2022

Lip readers analyse what Johnny Depp’s lawyer told him as they celebrated in court

Danny Jones

What did Johnny Depp's lawyer say to him after they celebrated Heard mentioning Kate Moss?

Depp’s legal team looked surprisingly thrilled when Heard mentioned a previous accusation of abuse

Ahead of the Depp vs Heard trial resuming on Monday, those glued to the case have been combing over every detail in the past 16 days of the trial; one particular point of interest was the reaction of Depp‘s lawyers during part of Amber Heard‘s testimony.

The instance in question was when Heard, 36, claimed for the second time in two years that her ex-husband had pushed former girlfriend Kate Moss down the stairs during an altercation in the 90s.

While this is obviously yet another serious allegation – one which the 58-year-old has always denied – it didn’t seem to bother Johnny Depp’s legal team in the slightest: in fact, they appeared to even celebrate and now lip readers online think they know what was said and why.

You can clearly see in the moment captured above that not only does Depp’s lead attorney Ben Chew celebrate with a fist pump as he turns around to react with Camille Vasquez and the other members of the team, but he utters a few words to the Pirates of the Caribbean star before recomposing himself.

Per the likes of Marie Clare, Hello Magazine and hundreds if not thousands on TikTok on social media, the general consensus from lip readers online is that after turning and mouthing “Yes!” to the other members of the counsel bench, Chew then proceeds to whisper, “Don’t react. This is perfect!”, under his breath.

Ben Chew fist pumps as Amber Heard mentions Kate Moss during trialLaw & Crime Network

As one commenter underneath the numerous clip-ups of the moment said, “When a lawyer gets excited about something you said and they have to cross-examine you, you should be scared”, as it is thought that they must have evidence to disprove the more than 20-year-old rumour.

On the other hand, many now anticipate that Heard’s mentioning of the UK model’s relationship with Depp has set a precedent and that other ex-partners on both sides could be brought into the case.

The actor’s own ex-fiancé, Jennifer Grey, has already had her say on the high-profile case, remarking that while her “heart breaks” for everyone involved and hopes for it to be over soon, she claims Depp had an “ill-temper” and was often “crazy jealous and paranoid about what I’d been up to while he was gone.”

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