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07th Jul 2023

Johnny Knoxville says he sometimes gets mistaken for Jamie Lee Curtis

Steve Hopkins

‘One day he shows up to set looking like Silver Foxville’

Rachel Wolfson has told how she thought she was “on the set of Halloween” when her Jackass Forever co-star Johnny Knoxville turned up – looking like Jamie Lee Curtis.

Appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show in 2022, Wolfson told then host, Jay Leno, that the Jackass frontman started filming with black hair, then later turned up looking like “Silver Foxville”.

“The first day we get to set, Knoxville looked like the Knoxville I grew up watching on television. He had dark hair. He looked pretty much the same to me.

“One day he shows up to set looking like Silver Foxville here,” she said, pointed to Knoxville who was sitting opposite.

“And I was like, what is, I don’t recognise this person. And I think me and the internet both agree he had a strong resemblance to Jamie Lee Curtis.”

Wolfson added: “I thought I was on the set of Halloween.”

A picture of the two then appeared on the screen and it was somewhat uncanny.

Knoxville explained that filming started in February 2020 but was soon stopped due to covid, before resuming in September, “and between that time I became…”

Leno asked Knoxville if the set did not have a continuity supervisor on set, to ensure what shot looked the same as the next.

He said it did not.

Knoxville has admitted previously that he gets quite a lot of people calling him Jamie Lee Curtis now, according to Entertainment Weekly, but given she’s won as Oscar the comparison isn’t a hard one to stomach.

“Just between us, I’ve been colouring my hair since I was in my 20s, so during the pandemic, you can’t see anyone,” he said as part of a discussion about his show The Prank Panel.

“I get a lot of Jamie Lee Curtis, which I love. My sister, Jamie Lee Curtis! Hi, Jamie!” Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis never lost a fight against boxer Butterbean in a matter of seconds, did she?

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