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31st Jan 2022

Johnny Knoxville reveals classic Jackass stunt when he knew Steve-O would be famous

Danny Jones

Johnny Knoxville on the stunt that made Steve-O a star

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Johnny Knoxville has inadvertently revealed which classic Jackass stunt made him realise co-star and fellow stuntman Steve-O would be famous.

Speaking in a recent MTV interview – the same channel that launched the next level stunt crew’s careers nearly 22 years ago – Steve-O himself looked back on the now lesser-known stunt that would make him a star, according to the group’s frontman.

For those with a sympathetic gag reflex, brace yourselves:

To be honest, there’s been so many beyond-insane stunts and pranks over the years, your guess would have been as good as ours as to which one made the cut.

However as you can see, the stunt in question was simply entitled ‘The Goldfish’ and given Steve-O’s rather sickening pre-disposition for ingesting things others wouldn’t think of ingesting – or anything involving bodily fluids for that matter – it doesn’t take long to figure out where this is going.

Airing in episode two of the original series back in 2000, the prank consisted of nothing more than necking a bottle of water with a goldfish in it and then throwing it up back. To be fair, most Jackass pranks often involve vomit at some point or another – and that goes for both the cast and the audience.

As six members of the surviving cast sat back to discuss classic clips ahead of the release of their latest film together, Jackass Forever, Steve-O then regales his friends with an anecdote about Knoxville’s response to the stomach-churning stunt.

“I’ll never forget after this Knoxville said, ‘Well, Steve-O if you’re not already famous I’d say you’re gonna be now'” – and how very right he was: it’s now a name that nearly everyone knows – even if you’ve never watched the show or its movie spin-offs.

While we can’t comfort you with the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the making of this truly absurd little stunt, we can confirm the poor fishy did at least come out swimming.

Knoxville himself is said to be suffering from brain damage after the group’s latest batch of stunts, so we can only sit and wonder what they have in store for us on this last ride.

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