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07th Jul 2023

Jackass star Steve-O detained by police after jumping off Tower Bridge

Steve Hopkins

He said the jump was far less scary than the state of the water

Steve-O had leapt off a London landmark and got himself in hot water with the police.

The Jackass star was videoed jumping off the Tower of London Bridge into the River Thames on Thursday while wearing Union Jack socks, and holding a matching umbrella. He also wore an, ‘I love London’ t-shirt.

TMZ reported that the 49-year-old is in the capital to tape his third comedy special.

The publisher obtained video of the stunt that shows Steve-O counting down in front of a crowd before jumping off the railing into the Thames.

The stuntman was swiftly met by Met Police officers after emerging from the water.

Steve-O told TMZ he spent a good portion of the afternoon in a police car and that police told him their main issue with his stunt is that it may encourage others to make the leap.

Police, Steve-O said, later let him go.

He told TMZ that the craziest part of the stunt wasn’t the jump, it was the state of the water he was leaping into which he described as absolutely filthy.

The bridge jump wasn’t Steve-O’s only London stunt. He also jumped off a double-decker bus.

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