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01st Jun 2022

Johnny Depp going out with Sam Fender was the ending no one saw coming

Charlie Herbert

Sam Fender and Johnny Depp

‘Simulation glitch has really happened in 2022’

While all eyes were on Fairfax County Court in Virginia for the verdict in the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Depp was enjoying himself in a Newcastle pub… with Sam Fender.

On Wednesday evening, the jury in Fairfax, Virginia, ruled that Depp had been defamed by his ex-wife Heard in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed she wrote.

After deliberating for approximately 12 hours and 45 minutes, they concluded that Heard had defamed Depp with the article.

The jury found ‘yes’ in answer to each question asked to them, finding that Heard’s statements about her marriage were “false” and conveyed “a defamatory implication” to people other than Depp.

They also found she acted with “actual malice”.

The jury awarded Depp $10m (£8m) in compensatory damages and $5m in punitive damages.

And after spending the last few days touring the country with Jeff Beck, Depp has been hanging out with north-east superstar Sam Fender on Wednesday evening.

Sharing a picture of the unlikely combo on Twitter, one user wrote: “Johnny Depp is out on the piss with Sam Fender in Newcastle. What the fuck is going on.”

People were loving the rogue partnership.

One person responded: “Simulation glitch has really happened in 2022.”

Another said: “Class. So happy for Johnny Depp.”

Others suggested that Depp was perhaps enjoying a megapint or two with in the Newcastle pub.

He had been spotted there in the buildup to the verdict being read out.

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