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12th Jan 2023

One of the best erotic thrillers of all time is getting a 2023 remake

Rory Cashin

The multiple Oscar-nominated classic is being turned into an eight-part mini-series

Released in cinemas in 1987, Fatal Attraction was an absolutely phenomenal hit. Directed by Adrian Lyne (who was also behind other seminal movies like Flashdance, 8 1/2 Weeks, Indecent Proposal, Jacob’s Ladder, Lolita, Unfaithful and … um … Deep Water), it starred Michael Douglas as a married man, who embarks on an affair with a woman (Glenn Close).

However, after he tries to the end it and repair his relationship with his wife (Anne Archer), it turns out the woman isn’t as willing to call it off as he is.

On a budget of $14 million, the movie made over $320 million at the box office, and was nominated for six Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress (for Close), Best Supporting Actress (for Archer), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing.

It also gave us the term “bunny boiler”, unfortunately often used when describing anyone who might seem a little too eager in their interests of a relationship.

Jump forward to 2023, and we’re about to get an eight-part mini-series remake.

In this new version, Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek, Fringe) is the married man, Amanda Peet (The Whole Nine Yards, Identity) is his wife, and Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Cloverfield) is the woman he has the affair with.

The series is being overseen by Alexandra Cunningham (who was also behind 2018 hit series Dirty John), with episodes being directed by Silver Tree (The Flight Attendant, You).

The official synopsis tells us that this will be “a deep-dive reimagining of the classic psychosexual thriller and ‘80s cultural touchstone. The new series will explore fatal attraction and the timeless themes of marriage and infidelity through the lens of modern attitudes toward strong women, personality disorders and coercive control.”

The first two episodes of Fatal Attraction are due to arrive on Paramount+ on Monday, 1 May, with subsequent episodes arriving weekly after that.

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