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31st Aug 2022

A contestant on The Chase has just made history with biggest-ever win

Jack Peat

Dan from Birmingham walked away with a whopping £80,000

A contestant on The Chase has made history with a record-breaking win.

Dan from Birmingham managed to beat brain box Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, to scoop £80,000 on the popular quiz show.

Fellow contestants Annabelle, Toby and Sarah were all knocked out of the final chase, leaving Dan on his lonesome.

But that didn’t affect him.

After bagging a mere £5,000 in the cash builder, he showed nerves of steel by deciding to go for the £80,000 offered by Ryan, saying: “What have I got to lose?”

And the risk paid off, making Dan the biggest solo winner in the show’s history, beating former player Eden Nash who won £75,000 on the show last year.

When asked by host Bradley Walsh what he’s going to do with his prize, Dan said: “I think I’ll be spending a little bit longer in New Zealand than initially planned!”

The Vixen also took a chance to congratulate the champ, saying: “Sensational. Dan deserves every penny of that, that was a sensational performance.”

Dozens of people have flocked to social media to share their admiration, with one writing: “This guy on #TheChase !! JEEZ what a player!”

A third chimed in: “Can’t believe Dan on #thechase got some really simple questions wrong like Buffalo wings but knew some obscure ballet move and some random Brazilian author and a heap of other hard answers!

“What a great episode though! So happy for him, 80k all to himself!”

“What a win, congratulations Dan,” said a fourth, while a fifth added, “Just shed a little tear for Dan on #TheChase. Well done dude.”

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