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12th Jan 2023

The Chase host Bradley Walsh called out for behaviour towards contestant last night

Steve Hopkins

‘The ‘good for a young player’ trick’

The Chase host Bradley Walsh has annoyed fans of the popular ITV show over the way he treated a contestant on Wednesday night.

Walsh has come under fire for asking the contestant’s age, something viewers suggested was “rude”.

Amongst the contestants last night was 19-year-old Evie, a zoo biology student from Corby.

Evie, who was third to appear, and was asked the question the viewers thought was really not necessary during this round.

During her cash builder round, Evie answered six questions correctly, giving her £6,000 to play for in her Chase against Jenny Ryan

Walsh was impressed. And he wasn’t alone.

At the end of the cash builder, the host asked the teen: “How old are you?”

“19,” Evie replied.

Walsh appeared impressed and said as much:  “Six grand. Impressive. Very good.”

But viewers, according to Entertainment Daily, weren’t having it.

“Don’t ask a player their age,” one viewer of show tweeted.

“Brad’s gone for the old ‘how old are you’ trick again.

“And the ‘good for a young player’ trick,” another viewer wrote.

“Me: ‘Don’t say it, don’t’ … Bradley: ‘How old are you?’ [eye roll emoji],” a third said.

Evie wanted to use the cash to pay for driving lessons and told viewers if she won big, she’d also visit her grandmother in Australia.

Unfortunately, Evie didn’t beat Ryan, ending those dreams, and sending her home empty handed.

“You’re a good player and I’m sorry to lose you,” Walsh told Evie. “But that is the way it goes, Evie.”

This isn’t the first time Walsh has been called out for thinking age and brains are related, as these tweets show.

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