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23rd Jun 2022

David Dobrik sued for $10m by former friend over stunt that left him ‘an inch from death’

Cerys Baker

Youtuber nearly dies in stunt

A YouTube star is suing a former friend for $10m over a stunt that landed him in hospital.

Jeff Wittek, a former Vlog Squad member, is suing David Dobrik for general negligence and intentional tort to cover loss of wages and hospital bills from the incident in June 2020, according to a report by TMZ

In the lawsuit, Wittek alleged that Dobrik had been operating an excavator that was placed in the ocean for a social media stunt that saw his pals swing from the machine with a rope while riding various objects – including wakeboards.

Leaked footage of the incident shows Wittek crashing into the crane and landing into the water at Utah Lake in Provo, with his pals in the background shouting, “call the ambulance.” 

Wittek’s injuries included a broken foot, hip, tearing a ligament in leg, shattering his skull in nine places and nearly losing an eye.

His lawsuit doesn’t go into his injuries, but he has previously detailed them in a YouTube video

The video is entitled, “Dear David.” 

In the video, Wittak says: “I nearly died.I came an inch from death and an inch from going blind. I will have lifelong brain injuries.” 

In March, Dobrik commented on the incident calling it, “the f-king worst” and said he would “do anything to take that day back”.

He added: “I wish it was me up there.It’s the most unfortunate thing ever.And it’s s-ty- its an accident. That’s what it was.” 

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