Chris Hemsworth would appear in Deadpool 3 just to p*ss off Hugh Jackman 1 month ago

Chris Hemsworth would appear in Deadpool 3 just to p*ss off Hugh Jackman

Make it happen, Marvel

Marvel has yet another sure-fire fan favourite crossover at their fingertips now we know Chris Hemsworth wants to be in Deadpool 3 and, it would seem, simply to annoy Hugh Jackman.


Speaking to BBC Radio 1's on Tuesday, the Australian actor joked he would be willing to appear as Thor in the third Deadpool movie which is currently being written.

Discussing the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder and his legacy in the MCU, BBC's Ali Plumb noted how Jackman currently holds the record for the longest-serving Marvel character at 16 years, before retiring in 2017.

Credit: Marvel/20th Century Fox - Hemsworth as Thor in Love and Thunder and Jackman in his early days as Wolverine

Hemsworth said he wasn't planning on staying in the role another six years to beat Jackman, but now he might have to, joking: "I might make some calls to make sure [there's no Jackman cameo in Deadpool 3]... I'll put myself in Deadpool instead. That would be the offering."

While this was most likely an off-hand joke, if there's any film that's going to execute a joke just for the sake of it and to piss off Jackman, it's Deadpool. Both he and Ryan Reynolds have long maintained they hate each other both inside and outside the Marvel universe — not really, of course, but it's made for a deliciously long-running joke.

And it could happen, as pretty much anything goes with these big franchise crossovers post No Way Home, Doctor Strange 2 and all the multiverse shenanigans.


As well as confirming the return of Natalie Portman to the franchise, the cast and crew have also been discussing Christian Bale's role as the main villain of this next Thor chapter, with Hemsworth admitting it was "very scary" to see him in character on set and writer-director Taika Waititi declaring that he believes that he's "probably the best villain that Marvel’s ever had".

Thor: Love and Thunder releases on July 7 and you can watch the full interview down below.

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