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27th May 2015

Calling all Stone Roses fans – it’s the 25th anniversary of Spike Island


Today is the day to play all of your Stone Roses records.

25 years ago on May 27, the Stone Roses played their famous Spike Island gig in one of the most memorable live performances of all time.

It was a scorcher of a day on the Mersey Estuary in 1990 when 27,000 fans travelled from across the country to witness the four young gods from Manchester.

Fans hail the gig as ‘mythical’, ‘magical’ and ‘a day they will never forget’, while Noel Gallagher described Spike Island as “the blueprint” for his career in music.

Speaking on Live Forever, the Spike Island documentary, Gallagher said: “From a technical point of view, the wind was blowing the sound all over the f**king place, I don’t think I got to hear one of the songs properly, but that wasn’t the point, the point was there was all them people there.

“Spike Island was the blueprint for my career, they were then going to become the biggest band in the world.

“The Stone Roses, their impact and that gig stretches so far beyond the gig itself and the music, you know. The stone roses need never have played a note of that gig, the job is already done with the people who are there.”

Spike Island Set List