Ben Affleck's son, 10, crashes Lamborghini 1 month ago

Ben Affleck's son, 10, crashes Lamborghini

He had been visiting a car dealership with his dad when he was allowed to sit behind the wheel of the car whilst the engine was still running

Ben Affleck's son has managed to crash a Lamborghini - at the age of just 10.


Samuel had been joining dad Ben and his fiancee Jennifer Lopez for a trip to luxury vehicle dealership 777 Exotics when the incident happened on Sunday.

For some reason though, Ben decided to let his son into the driver's seat of a yellow Lamborghini whilst the engine was running.

As the actor and director perused the supercars on offer at the LA dealership, Samuel managed to put the car in reverse, causing it to bump into a white BMW behind.


Footage of the incident obtained by TMZ appears to show the car touching the BMW's front wheel and fender.

A representative for Ben told TMZ that no damage was caused and that all involved were okay.

The car looked similar to a Lamborghini Urus, pictured (Martyn Lucy/Getty)

And an employee at the dealership claimed there was in fact no accident and the two vehicles had simply been parked close together.

Samuel is one of three children Ben shares with his former wife Jennifer Garner. The couple were married from 2005 to 2018 when they divorced.

Earlier this year, he got engaged with Jennifer Lopez again, almost 20 years after he had first asked the singer to marry him.

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