Applications to appear on the next season of Gogglebox are now OPEN 9 months ago

Applications to appear on the next season of Gogglebox are now OPEN

Fancy doing exactly what you do in your evenings but getting paid for it? Get yourself in the Gogglebox queue

Gogglebox is on the look-out for new people to join its couch-laden cast. Fancy becoming one of them? Get in line.


The hit Channel 4 show has been running since 2013 and - given the nature of its simple-yet-effective reaction-based format - has already enjoyed 13 seasons. Safe to say, plenty of people like the idea of being paid to watch telly and plenty more people are willing to watch it happen.

This call-out for new cast members - many of whom will debut in the upcoming series - comes in the wake of a few familiar faces from the series having sadly passed away earlier this year, including Andy Michael, Mary Cook and Pete McGarry.

However executive producer Victoria Ray has said that the search for new faces has begun - with the recruitment process ongoing.


Speaking to the Daily Star, Ray said: “We pick people who don’t want to be on telly. The ideal people are ones who don’t know that they’re funny.

“We like people who are charismatic, engaging and who don’t necessarily see themselves as TV personalities. It’s good when they have no filter ­because then they don’t second-guess themselves when they’re talking."

Giving advice to prospective applicants, Ray went on to say that "We basically want people that you warm to and want to see in your living rooms.”

The new season has already kicked off and viewers were made-up seeing fan-favourite and recently married Pete Sandiford showing off his newborn son.


In terms of how to apply to be a part of Gogglebox, there is no official application process; instead, producers travel around the country to see if they can hunt out naturally funny talent and, of course, keep their eyes on the box should any gems happen to pop up.

So, if you're the one cracking up your mates at the pub or are known as an absolute card in your local community, who knows? You might get a call.

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