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11th Jul 2022

Woman caught on video dousing man in gasoline and setting him alight as he lay in park

Kieran Galpin

An investigation is underway

A woman in America is facing charges of attempted murder and arson after CCTV footage captured her dousing a man with gasoline and setting him alight in a local park.

Patricia Castillo has been charged with attempted murder, arson and conspiracy after an incident in California on July 7. The 48-year-old is believed to have doused an as-yet-unnamed man with gasoline as he lay on the grass in a park in Sanger, near Fresno.

Castillo set the man on fire with liquid allegedly given to her by Leonard Hawkins. While the connection between Hawkins and Castillo has not been revealed, the former has also been arrested. Whether or not Hawkins, 43, is facing charges is not yet known.

“The video shows Castillo approaching the victim and throwing a liquid from a cup onto [him] and she and the victim appear to argue before Castillo sparks a lighter and lights the victim on fire,” the Sanger Police Department wrote on Facebook.

The victim was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A full investigation is now underway, with more information expected soon.

Taking to Facebook, where they shared images of the alleged criminals, Sanger Police Department wrote: “On 7/7/22, at approximately 9:15 PM, Sanger officers responded to the 700 block of Faller Ave regarding an injured person.

Via Sanger Police Department

“They contacted a man who had suffered severe burns to his upper body when they arrived.

“The man reported to the officers that a woman had set him on fire while he was at Sanger Park (400 block of Academy Ave). Due to the severity of the victim’s burns, EMS immediately transported him to an area hospital.

“The Sanger Police Department’s Community Video Surveillance System captured the crime occurring at approximately 8:30 PM on 7/7/22. Investigators used video surveillance and witness statements to identify Patricia Castillo and Leonard Hawkins as the suspects.”

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