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04th Jul 2022

Man convicted of murder after victim named him with dying breath

Kieran Galpin

‘Tim may have had struggles in life but he has always been a much loved son, brother and friend’

A man has been convicted of murder after his 39-year-old victim used his dying breath to name him back in 2021.

Oliver Muldowney was found guilty at the Old Bailey on July 1, having earlier pleaded guilty to being concerned with the supply of heroin and crack cocaine. The 35-year-old stabbed Tim Hipperson on May 17 2021, after he accused Hipperson of becoming close with a long-term partner during a drug deal.

Hipperson was stabbed multiple times before making his way to King’s Road, where members of the public called 999 and attempted to administer first aid. According to a police report, the man was able to name his attacker as “Olly” which was captured by a bodycam worn by a first responder. Hipperson died in hospital on May 20.

“Within days Oliver Muldowney was arrested and charged despite his attempts to evade justice,” said Detective Inspector Maria Green. Muldowney and David Nash, 36, of Feltham, fled to a nearby address after the attack.

Upon searching the address, officers found the suspect’s phone wrapped in tinfoil and hidden amongst children’s toys. He’d offered a witness drugs and money to leave the area but the friend of Hipperson’s stayed and assisted the police with their investigation.

Via Met Police

Muldowney was then arrested at a hotel in Reading.

“Muldowney was motivated by jealousy and Tim Hipperson paid the price for that jealousy with his life. Muldowney was convinced his partner was seeing other men, with Tim being one of them,” Green explained.

“Determined to avenge his bruised ego, Muldowney killed Tim in an alleyway. He then attempted to bribe Tim’s friend, who was a witness to the attack, with drugs and money, but it didn’t work. He did the right thing and spoke up for his friend.”

Green said her “thoughts are with Tim’s family and friends at this incredibly difficult time.”

She added: “Tim may have had struggles in life but he has always been a much loved son, brother and friend.”

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