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05th Aug 2022

Police hunt Bradley Cooper lookalike after he steals from Home Depot

Kieran Galpin

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Hollywood salaries just aren’t what they used to be

Police are on the hunt for a criminal who looks eerily similar to Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper.

The unnamed suspect was caught by CCTV attempting to steal a rotary laser from Home Depot in McDonough, Georgia, on July 23. Henry County Police department released the suspect’s images in the hopes of tracking him down.

The comment section is now arguably unhelpful, with most people discussing how similar the thief and Cooper look.

“Naw, that’s Bradley Cooper from Wish,” wrote one Facebook user on the police’s page.

Another wrote: “You know it’s hard times when Bradley is having to steal!!!”

Other users were more focused on how the lookalike managed to escape at all.

“I don’t understand how someone can just casually walk out, past the cash register and no one see him! I don’t get it!” said one person, while another wrote, “Looks like y’all let him walk out with it to me. I say it’s his.”

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At the time of writing, the post had received nearly 1k shares and over 400 comments, most of which are about the actor and not the crime.

Anyone with information has been asked to contact Detective Sergeant J. Holisky at 770-288-8252.

The thief literally looks more like Cooper than the man himself, who has recently undergone quite the transformation for an upcoming Netflix film entitled Maestro.

The actor will portray composer Leonard Bernstein alongside Young Woman’s Carey Mulligan and is also directing after taking the job from Steven Spielberg.

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